Keep your waitlist full and your waiting room empty

Medimap's online check-in service lets patients submit a request to be added to your waitlist for the next available phone or video consultation.
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Easy to use for staff and patients

Desktop notifications alert your staff when a request is received. Unlike online booking where the patient chooses their time, with Medimap’s online check-in service you are in control of when the patient is seen. The patient is told that their assigned time is an estimate and that it may take longer than expected.

Attract and retain patients

Patients love the convenience of being able to check-in online rather than having to call the clinic or travel down to put their name on the waitlist.

Integrates with Medimap's
virtual care solution

If your doctors use Medimap’s virtual care solution, when a patient checks in online they can automatically be sent a link to your virtual clinic and your staff can chat with the patient while they’re in the waiting room.

Built for the Canadian healthcare system

Medimap’s online check-in service is built in compliance with all Canadian privacy legislation.

Medimap is the go-to resource for patients
seeking access to care across Canada

4 million patients

across Canada have used Medimap to find access to care in their community

Over 1,200 clinics

use Medimap every day to connect with patients in their communty

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