Medimap Referrals

See new patients across the province virtually

Fill gaps in your doctors' schedules with on-demand access to new patients across the province who are looking for immediate access to virtual care.

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No set shifts or fixed time
commitment required

Simply turn on your doctors’ availability when you have gaps in the day, and turn it off when you are busy with your own patients. It’s that easy.

Add additional revenue to your
clinic with after hours care

When your clinic is closed your doctors can still take virtual care requests and register the patients in your EMR.
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Pay-per-use model ensures
no financial risk to the clinic

Medimap only charges a marketing and technology fee for visits that result in net new revenue for the clinic and your doctors.
With Medimap, we were able to start offering secure video consultations to our patients in less than 20 minutes. Our staff, doctors and patients all find it very easy to use and I feel confident working with a Canadian company who fully understands our privacy needs. I would recommend that any healthcare facility in Canada consider Medimap for their virtual care needs.
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Dr. Oyelese
Kelowna, BC

All the features you need to deliver simplified, secure virtual care


Virtual waiting room

Personalize your waiting room message for patients who have checked in for an appiontment


Live chat

Live chat allows your staff to easily communicate with multiple patients in the waiting room


Quality video

High quality video and audio to ensure you and your patient have a great experience


No downloads

Nothing to install for patients or doctors, Medimap virtual care works on any browser


Mobile friendly

Medimap virtual care works on desktop and mobile devices from a web browser


Meeting history

Keep track of your visits by date, time and duration

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