Medimap Partners with MedEssist to Make Clinical Pharmacy Services More Accessible to Canadians
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Medimap partners with MedEssist to make clinical pharmacy services more accessible to Canadians
VANCOUVER, B.C.Medimap is pleased to announce it has signed a strategic partnership with a national digital health platform, to make clinical pharmacy services more accessible to Canadians.
Medimap already makes finding walk-in clinics and other types of Health Care Practitioners easy to find thanks to its innovative digital platform. Its new partnership with MedEssist will now make it easier for people to book appointments with pharmacists and access the services they provide, thanks to MedEssist’s extensive relationships with pharmacies across Canada.
This strategic partnership will help Canadians utilize pharmacists’ expanding scope of practice and reduce the need for people to visit a clinic or a hospital for minor ailments or non-urgent care.
“Our new partnership with MedEssist moves us closer to our goal to help make Canada’s healthcare system more efficient by helping Canadians access the expanded services pharmacists in many parts of the country can now provide,” said Medimap CEO, Thomas Jankowski.
“We are excited to be able to offer this new feature to our users because it will help increase awareness about the important role pharmacists play in our healthcare system and help patients get timely access to care,” said Joella Almeida, MedEssist’s Co-Founder and CEO.
The strategic partnership will begin as a pilot project before a deeper system integration making it even easier for patients to find the care they need, when they need it.

About MedEssist
MedEssist’s mission is to make the Canadian healthcare system more accessible, equitable, and personal through the modernization of local pharmacies. By leveraging cutting-edge clinical and support systems, MedEssist pharmacies are offering new healthcare services and patient experiences to tackle the country’s most pressing healthcare challenges. MedEssist currently empowers hundreds of tech-enabled pharmacy locations, serving Canadians both in-person and virtually from coast to coast.

About Medimap
Medimap’s platform is used by a network of more than 4,200 practices, pharmacies and walk-in clinics across the country and has helped more than 12 million Canadians find the care they need, when they need it. Medimap’s platform also provides patients the ability to book appointments with allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, optometrists, mental health services and more. Not only does this help patients receive timely care, it also helps the healthcare system divert people away from emergency rooms to primary care services that are better suited for their needs, including virtual appointments.

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