Need a doctor? Join the family doctor alert list

We understand how frustrating it is to find a family doctor who is accepting new patients. We are building a list of family doctors around the country accepting new patients.  

Get prioritized care for $12.49/month or save 33% with our $100/year plan. Using your postal code, we’ll quickly match you with a family doctor when one becomes available.

We will notify you when we can match you with a family doctor. 

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Trusted Testimonials

Catherine G
Vancouver, BC
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"I found the Medimap site through a Google search ... I saw that they have a paid service for finding a family doctor. The price was acceptable, so I subscribed to this service. About 4 weeks later, I received an email from Medimap that they had found me a doctor. I followed the provided link and filled out the clinic’s registration form. A few days later, the clinic contacted me and confirmed the appointment to the doctor. I came and talked to him. He suits me. Now I have a family doctor."
Toronto, ON
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This is a great service. I was worried about finding a family doctor after a move, but with I found one in less than a month. I highly recommend this site!
Zeron A
Toronto, ON
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I would recommend Medimap to anyone trying to find a family doctor. The fast response I got from their team, and the whole smooth process is unbeatable on any scale! Wonderful job & service!

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At Medimap, we understand the challenges Canadians are facing when it comes to finding a family doctor

Join the family doctor alert list in just a few clicks for $15/month

Get matched with a family doctor that is accepting new patients

Get notified by us with exactly how to join the family doctor

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