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Yes. In addition to publishing walk in clinic wait times, Medimap offers virtual care services. When you visit our website and click on the Virtual Care tile below the search bar, you’ll be prompted to enter your province. Once a province has been selected, medimap.ca checks to see if there are any doctors currently available. If there are doctors available, you’ll be prompted to complete a form. If no doctors are available, you have the option to enter your email and be notified when a doctor becomes available in your province.

How can I cancel an appointment that I’ve booked on Medimap?

Once you have completed a booking on our website, your details will be passed on to the clinic you’ve booked with. If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please call the clinic directly. Their information is in the booking confirmation email that is sent to you upon making a booking.

Is Medimap free?

Yes. medimap.ca is free to use. Users can book health appointments or check wait times at nearby walk-in clinics. Each clinic charges for consultations, and pricing varies by clinic. Our goal is to make it easy for Canadians to access the care they need when they need it.

I have a health issue but I’m not sure where I should go.

If you have a health concern and are not 100% sure which health professional or clinic you should see, it’s best to start with a general practitioner at a walk in clinic. By visiting a walk-in clinic, a doctor can do an assessment and evaluate the issue to determine next steps. A walk-in clinic doctor has enough knowledge to know if you should need a specialist to help resolve your issue or not. A virtual care consultation can also be an option to consider.

Do clinics on Medimap take certain insurance providers?

Yes, clinics listed on Medimap accept a variety of insurance providers. It is best to confirm with the clinic you’ve booked an appointment with that they accept your insurance provider when you book an appointment on medimap.ca.


Kinesiology clinics play a significant role in promoting movement, physical activity, and overall wellness in Canada. These specialized healthcare centers focus on the study of human movement and its impact on health and performance. Kinesiologists, the professionals at these clinics, are experts in exercise science, biomechanics, and functional movement analysis. Let’s delve into the significance of kinesiology clinics, the diverse range of services they offer, and how they contribute to advancing movement and wellness for individuals of all ages.

The Role of Kinesiology Clinics:

Kinesiology clinics in North Milton, PE are at the forefront of promoting health through physical activity and exercise. Kinesiologists assess and analyze human movement patterns to identify areas of improvement and develop tailored exercise programs to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and improve overall well-being. These clinics play an integral role in bridging the gap between healthcare and physical activity, helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals in a safe and effective manner.

Comprehensive Services Offered:

Kinesiology clinics in North Milton, PE offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the unique needs of their clients. Some key services provided by kinesiologists at these clinics include:

  • Functional Movement Assessments: Kinesiologists conduct thorough assessments of an individual's functional movement patterns, identifying any imbalances, weaknesses, or restrictions. These assessments help determine areas that require attention and form the basis for personalized exercise programs.
  • Exercise Prescription: Based on the results of functional movement assessments and considering an individual's health status and goals, kinesiologists develop customized exercise prescriptions. These prescriptions may include strength training, flexibility exercises, cardiovascular conditioning, and functional training techniques.
  • Injury Prevention: Kinesiology clinics focus on injury prevention strategies through targeted exercises and movement corrections. By addressing imbalances and weaknesses, individuals can reduce the risk of injuries during physical activities and sports.
  • Rehabilitation and Injury Management: Kinesiologists work with individuals recovering from injuries or managing chronic conditions. They design rehabilitation programs that aim to restore movement and function, promote healing, and facilitate a safe return to physical activity.
  • Sports Performance Enhancement: Kinesiology clinics are also sought after by athletes looking to optimize their performance. Kinesiologists develop sport-specific training programs to enhance athletic abilities, increase strength and endurance, and improve overall performance.

Holistic Approach to Wellness:

Kinesiology clinics in Prince Edward Island adopt a holistic approach to wellness, recognizing that optimal health is a balance of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Kinesiologists not only focus on the physical aspects of movement but also consider an individual's lifestyle, stress levels, and overall health status. This comprehensive approach allows kinesiologists to design exercise programs that not only improve physical fitness but also promote mental clarity, reduce stress, and enhance overall quality of life.

Personalized Care and Education:

Kinesiology clinics pride themselves on providing personalized care to each client. Kinesiologists take the time to understand an individual's unique needs, preferences, and goals, tailoring exercise programs accordingly. This personalized approach ensures that individuals receive the support and guidance they need to achieve their desired outcomes.

In addition to personalized care, kinesiologists also prioritize education. They empower their clients with knowledge and skills to take charge of their own health and well-being. Through education on proper exercise techniques, injury prevention strategies, and lifestyle modifications, kinesiologists empower individuals to make informed decisions that positively impact their health.

Kinesiology Research and Advancements:

Kinesiology clinics in Canada are at the forefront of research and advancements in the field of human movement and exercise science. Kinesiologists actively contribute to scientific studies, clinical trials, and innovative research projects aimed at understanding movement patterns, optimizing athletic performance, and improving rehabilitation techniques.

Through research, kinesiology clinics continuously expand their knowledge and expertise, ensuring that their services are evidence-based and incorporate the latest findings in the field. By staying up-to-date with cutting-edge research, kinesiologists can offer their clients the most effective and efficient exercise programs tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Moreover, advancements in kinesiology research also have significant implications beyond individual health and wellness. They contribute to the development of public health initiatives, sports performance strategies, and injury prevention programs. Research findings from kinesiology clinics have the potential to influence policies and practices related to physical activity promotion, healthcare interventions, and overall well-being on a larger scale.

Accessing Kinesiology Clinics in Canada:

To access kinesiology clinics in Canada, consider the following approaches:

  • Referrals from Healthcare Providers: Healthcare providers, such as family physicians, sports medicine physicians, or physical therapists, can provide referrals to reputable kinesiology clinics. They will consider your specific health condition and exercise needs to determine the most appropriate clinic for your requirements.
  • Online Directories: Utilize online directories or search engines to find kinesiology clinics near you. By searching for "kinesiology clinics near me" or "kinesiology clinics in [your location]," you can generate a list of clinics in your area. Visit their websites to gather information about the services they offer, available appointment times, and any specific requirements.
  • Provincial Kinesiology Associations: Many provinces in Canada have associations for kinesiologists that maintain directories of registered kinesiology clinics. These associations provide information on licensed kinesiologists and clinics within your region.
  • Medimap: For a streamlined and convenient approach, consider using Medimap.ca to find Kinesiology Clinics near me. Medimap is a trusted online platform that provides information on various healthcare services, including kinesiology clinics. By visiting medimap.ca and entering your location, you can access a comprehensive list of kinesiology clinics in your area. Medimap's user-friendly interface allows you to explore clinic details, availability, and contact information, making it easier to find the right kinesiology clinic to meet your specific needs.

Kinesiology clinics in North Milton, PE play a vital role in advancing movement and wellness for individuals of all ages. By combining the expertise of kinesiologists with a holistic approach to health, these clinics promote physical activity, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sports performance enhancement. Through personalized care, education, and comprehensive services, kinesiology clinics empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. Whether you are recovering from an injury, aiming to improve athletic performance, or seeking guidance on achieving a healthier lifestyle, kinesiology clinics are here to support you on your journey to optimal movement and wellness. Embrace the benefits of kinesiology clinics, as they stand ready to enhance your physical capabilities, improve your overall well-being, and foster a healthier and more active lifestyle in Canada.

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