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Find the best massage therapy clinics near me

Need to make a massage therapist appointment this week? Use Medimap to find and book massage therapy clinics near you. It’s simple, secure and free.

Use Medimap to find Massage Therapy Clinics near you

How to book a massage therapist


We are growing our network of thousands of clinic partnerships that allows patients to access same-day and next-day care.


We simplify the process by making it easy to compare and select a Massage Therapy Clinic 24/7.


Patients can book an appointment in just a few clicks with a local Massage Therapy Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Massage Therapy Clinics

How can I find the best Massage Therapy clinic near me?

Using you can easily find the best registered massage therapists or massage clinic nearby. You can check their booking availability, and book a consultation using the website. The professional or clinic may or may not do a follow up call prior to the consultation for things such as pre-screening tests, etc.

What does RMT mean?

RMT stands for Registered Massage Therapist. An RMT, or a registered massage therapist, is someone licensed to give massages at a clinic or not. These practitioners have met educational requirements and have registered with their provincial governing body.

RMTs are not the same as unlicensed individuals who offer relaxation massages. RMTs are commonly covered under workplace health insurance plans, whereas unlicensed practitioners are not.

Before booking an appointment, you should know the practitioner’s credentials. For example, some spas offer massages from practitioners who are not RMTs. Although relaxing, they would not be covered under your workplace health insurance plan.

What is the Difference Between a Registered Massage Therapist and a Certified Massage Practitioner?

A Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP) has specialized training in chair massage, although they don’t meet the educational requirements to be an RMT. They might also educate you on other natural health factors, like diet and exercise. CMTs are not typically covered under workplace health insurance plans. For full details on RMT regulations by province, read more at Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

Are Massages Covered By Canadian Provincial Health Plans?

Massages are not covered by provincial health plans. However, most extended workplace health insurance plans cover massage. Before booking an appointment with a clinic, check to see which qualifications a massage practitioner must have to be covered under your specific policy.

When Should I Visit a Massage Therapy Clinic near me?

Since there are several massage health benefits, it can be used to improve a variety of conditions. Below are the most common.

Massage for Back Pain

A case study had participants rate their ease of daily activities after a massage for low back pain. Out of 10 measurements, 9 improved. A decrease in pain medication was also noted. A Cochrane review of research concluded that there is strong evidence that massage is an effective short-term treatment.

Massage for Neck Pain

Massages for neck pain are another common reason people book appointments. One study suggested that massage has clinical benefits on chronic neck pain. A review of research mirrored these conclusions, finding that it may provide immediate effects for neck and shoulder concerns.

Massage for Headaches

You can also try massages for headaches. One study showed that neck and shoulder techniques significantly reduced the frequency of chronic tension headaches.

Massage for TMJ Disorders

Some people also have their TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders improved by a massage therapist. A case study showed that after treatment, a woman was able to increase her maximal opening from 3.1cm to 3.8cm. Massage for TMJ also reduced her pain and stress levels.

You can also visit a massage clinic for:

  • Sports or exercise injuries
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Athletic performance—such as injury performance or range of motion
  • Injuries from accidents or falls
  • Maintaining range of motion with age
  • Arthritis
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeping problems
  • Pregnancy or prenatal massage
  • Short-term blood pressure reduction

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