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How to Meet Your Health Goals in 2022

Are you the type of person who sets new year’s resolutions or new goals for a new year? There’s a lot of pressure with the idea of “New Year, New You” but really this “New You” can come at any time of the year. Many have a hard time staying motivated and committed to their intentions and goals for the year. I’ve listed steps in making 2022 the year that you accomplish the health goals you want to achieve.

1. Get clear on your reason

Whatever your health goals are for 2022, it’s important to be clear on the reason that goal is important to you. Is it to live a long healthy life? Why is that important? Each time you answer that question ask yourself why it is important three times. That’s the real reason. If you’re doing something because you feel like you should but you don’t have a deeper reason that’s personal and relevant to you, then it will be very hard to push through to accomplish that goal or create that new habit.

2. Research how others have done it

Once you’ve identified a really good reason why you want to accomplish a goal or create a habit, take time to research how to get to that end state. If you want to learn a new skill, enroll in a course or start following and learning from experts on that topic. Being armed with the knowledge that you can achieve the health goal you set out to do builds confidence and will help you get the momentum you need to start and keep going even when it may get hard. Even after you’ve done some research, don’t stop. Make it part of your plan to continue to learn from others that have done what you’re trying to do.

3. Make it tiny

Making positive health habits sounds great but when January hits we see many articles and videos on how to build better habits. I recently finished the book Tiny Habits by B.J. Hogg. The overall idea discussed in this book is to make a habit so tiny that it’s very easy to accomplish. Reward yourself with some sort of reinforcement then as you feel the momentum of that small habit it’s naturally easier to build onto that habit.

4. Plan ahead

Plan ahead to take care of yourself. When do you typically get a physical done each year? Call and get in on the calendar. Do you go to the dentist? How about your kids? Call the dentist office and have your next appointment on the calendar. Do you have to get blood work done regularly and review your results with a healthcare professional? Plan when you’ll do that. On a more week to week basis, think through when you’re going to get in your workouts, meal prep, or how you will remember to take your vitamins if those are things that are important to you. If you need someone to watch the kids while you get in a workout or go to the gym, ensure that a plan is in place. To combat fatigue and stay on track with your goals, refer to this blog post for helpful tips.

5. Prep for the week ahead

Is one of your health goals to eat more healthy foods? I’ve heard how meal prepping on weekends can make a huge difference but it wasn’t until I gave it a try until I actually believed it. At a minimum, wash and chop some veggies and fruits, marinate some proteins and prepare a few healthy breakfast options such as overnight oats. Having these healthy options at your fingertips make it less likely you’ll turn to take out or junk food.

6. Find your tribe

Find someone who has the same goals as you. It is a proven fact that if you are surrounded by like minded people who are trying to achieve the same things you are, there’s a higher chance of success. If that’s not very easy then Find someone who has their own health goals but is just as motivated to achieve them as you are. Studies show that when you have a network or even just one person you are accountable to, you’re more likely to do the thing you said you would do. If you’re unable to find a tribe or accountability partner, consider seeking the guidance of a healthcare professional. For instance, if you have nutritional goals for the new year, a dietitian or nutritionist can create a customized plan for you and help you stay on track.

7. Celebrate your progress

This one is probably the most important. Don’t forget to celebrate. We often don’t give ourselves enough credit when we are making progress towards a goal. You set a goal to work out 5 times this week but you only worked out twice. That’s awesome you worked out two times which is probably more than you worked out the last few months so celebrate that. It might seem silly when you set out to do more but didn’t. Go easy on yourself remember, progress is more important than perfection.


For years I made goals and years went by when those goals were not accomplished.  When I look back I know that I didn’t have a strong enough reason which is most important. Once I got really clear on my reason and followed the tips above, it got way easier and the motivation and momentum kicked in. Let’s make 2022 the best year by being a better person by the end of 2022 than you are today.

If you feel you need to talk to a professional to help you accomplish your health goals, search on Medimap for a professional that can help.

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