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If you have a health concern and are not 100% sure which health professional or clinic you should see, it’s best to start with a general practitioner at a walk in clinic. By visiting a walk-in clinic, a doctor can do an assessment and evaluate the issue to determine next steps. A walk-in clinic doctor has enough knowledge to know if you should need a specialist to help resolve your issue or not. A virtual care consultation can also be an option to consider.

Do clinics on Medimap take certain insurance providers?

Yes, clinics listed on Medimap accept a variety of insurance providers. It is best to confirm with the clinic you’ve booked an appointment with that they accept your insurance provider when you book an appointment on


Traveling abroad can be an exciting adventure, but it also brings potential health risks associated with various destinations. Travel clinics in Canada play a vital role in ensuring that individuals embark on safe and healthy journeys. These specialized healthcare facilities are equipped to provide comprehensive travel health services, including vaccinations, disease prevention advice, and essential travel-related medical consultations. Let's explore the significance of travel clinics, the range of services they offer, and how they contribute to safeguarding the health of Canadian travelers as they explore the world.

Understanding Travel Clinics:

Travel clinics are specialized healthcare centers that focus on providing travellers with tailored health advice and preventive measures before embarking on international trips. These clinics are staffed by healthcare professionals with expertise in travel medicine and infectious diseases. Their primary objective is to ensure travellers are well-prepared and protected against health risks specific to their chosen destinations.

The Role of Travel Clinics:

Travel clinics in Canada offer a range of essential services that are crucial for international travellers. These include:

  • Destination-Specific Health Advice: Travel clinics provide personalized health advice based on the traveller's itinerary, destination, and individual health history. They assess potential health risks associated with the chosen travel locations and offer guidance on disease prevention and health precautions.
  • Vaccinations and Immunizations: Travel clinics administer necessary vaccinations and immunizations to protect travellers against infectious diseases prevalent in specific regions. Common vaccinations include those for hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningococcal disease, and more.
  • Prescriptions and Medications: Travel clinics may prescribe medications, such as antimalarial drugs or preventive antibiotics, for travellers venturing into regions with a higher risk of specific infections.
  • Traveller's Health Kits: Clinics may provide travellers with health kits containing items like insect repellents, water purification tablets, and basic medical supplies to manage minor health issues during their trip.
  • Post-Travel Consultations: Travel clinics offer po st-travel consultations to assess travellers' health upon their return and address any potential health concerns related to their trip.

Preparing for Safe Travel:

Travel clinics play a pivotal role in preparing individuals for safe and healthy international travel. By following these steps, travellers can make the most of their travel clinic visit:

  • Plan Ahead: Schedule a visit to the travel clinic well in advance of the trip, as some vaccinations may require multiple doses over a period of time.
  • Share Travel Details: Provide the travel clinic with detailed information about the travel itinerary, including destinations, travel dates, and planned activities.
  • Review Immunization History: Bring a record of previous vaccinations to help the travel clinic assess any missing or expired immunizations.
  • Seek Additional Advice: Inquire about specific health risks in the destination countries and ask for advice on preventing foodborne illnesses, insect-borne diseases, and other travel-related health concerns.

Special Considerations for High-Risk Travelers:

Certain individuals may require additional considerations when planning international travel. Travel clinics in Canada can cater to the needs of high-risk travellers, which may include:

  • Pregnant Women: Pregnant women need careful assessment to ensure their travel plans do not pose any risks to their health or the health of their unborn child.
  • Elderly Travelers: Older adults may have specific health concerns that need to be addressed before embarking on international trips.
  • Immunocompromised Individuals: Individuals with weakened immune systems, such as those with HIV/AIDS or undergoing cancer treatment, require special precautions to safeguard their health during travel.
  • Traveling with Children: Parents traveling with young children need advice on vaccinations and measures to ensure their children's well-being during the trip.

Travel Health Precautions during COVID-19 Pandemic:

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, travel clinics have adapted their services to address the specific health challenges posed by international travel. Some of the travel health precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  • COVID-19 Vaccination: Travel clinics provide information on COVID-19 vaccination requirements for international travel. They may offer COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible travelers to protect their health and comply with destination country regulations.
  • Travel Restrictions and Quarantine Guidelines: Travel clinics stay informed about travel restrictions and quarantine guidelines for various countries. They advise travelers on the latest requirements to facilitate smoother travel experiences.
  • Safe Travel Practices: Travel clinics counsel travelers on essential COVID-19 safety measures, such as wearing masks, practicing physical distancing, and frequent handwashing during their journeys.
  • COVID-19 Testing: Travel clinics can provide COVID-19 testing services, including pre-travel testing required for entry into certain countries or post-travel testing upon return.
    1. Accessing Travel Clinics in Canada:

Travelers can access travel clinics in Canada through various means:

  • Public Health Clinics: Some public health units offer travel health services, providing vaccinations and travel advice.
  • Private Travel Clinics: Many private clinics in major cities specialize in travel medicine, offering comprehensive services for travelers.
  • Provincial Health Authorities: Some provinces provide listings and resources for travel clinics through their health authority websites.
  • Medimap: For a convenient and comprehensive approach, individuals can use Medimap to find Travel Clinics near you. Medimap is an online platform that helps travelers locate travel clinics in their vicinity. By visiting and enter ing their location, travelers can access a curated list of clinics, complete with essential details such as available services, vaccination offerings, and contact information. Medimap streamlines the process of finding the right travel clinic, ensuring that travelers receive the necessary health support for their journeys.

Travel clinics in Canada are indispensable resources for ensuring the health and safety of international travelers. With their expertise in travel medicine and disease prevention, these clinics play a crucial role in providing essential vaccinations, health advice, and tailored medical consultations. By visiting travel clinics before embarking on international trips, travelers can be well-prepared to navigate potential health risks, ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience. Embrace the guidance and expertise of travel clinics as you venture into new destinations, prioritizing your health and well-being for a fulfilling and enriching travel journey.

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